Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sweater Number Three - Short Sleeve Pullover

Just finished this little gem should fit a size 2 or 3 child.  I did a some hand manipulated stitches over the centre front just to take away from the plain appearance.  The center column actually worked right into the 1x1 ribbing around the neckline.  The knitting gods where with me to have that work out so well and not be planned ahead!  Enjoyed doing this one.  Still have yellow yarn left so maybe next will be a baby sweater and hat/toque to match.  Onward to number Four!!!

This sweater was done on my LK 150 mid-gauge using Bernat Sport yarn - again this is a basic pattern from Knitware that I just improvised a little.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Boy's Size 4 Pullover with a little fairisle...

Here is another little pullover for some young fellow to wear this fall or winter.  I am working on sweaters for all sizes of children (boys and girls) for my charity basket.  I thought it would be nice to embellish this pullover with some fairisle blocks.  This is a basic set in sleeve with crew neck pattern.  Perhaps the next one I'll incorporate a fuller sleeve as this one does seem a little narrow.  I used my Knitware program for a 28 inch child's pullover and it turned out dead on for the measurements on the schematics.  Now that is impressive.  I used Bernat "Satin" which I do like because of the shine but don't like because it really splits easily and I think might be a problem with ends unravelling.  I was very careful to make sure all the ends were secured.

I finally got my camera working again.  Apparently my rechargeable batteries were not recharging so I got some new ones.  It seems to be good to go now.

Here is a photo of my latest endeavour - took all of one afternoon knitting out on my deck using my LK 150 mid-gauge machine and one evening sewing it up in my lazyboy chair in front of the TV. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Charity Knitting Started

Well after being so inspired after our seminar over the weekend (May 5th and 6th), I got all my things put away and sat down in my knitting room deciding what to do first!  I uncovered my LK 150 and decided to put it to work.  I settled on a simple raglan sleeve cardigan using my Knitware program.  Then it really needed a little hat to go with it.  So often I see lots of sweater sets for little baby girls cause you can fancy them up with lace bits or something girlie!  So with that in mind I have decided the boys should not be left out - after all they are cute little bundles of joy too!

Here's is my first little boy set - bear in mind this photo was taken before I sewed on the buttons but I assure you they are sewn on now - but my camera is acting really funny lately.  It takes a couple of pictures then tells me the batteries are running out.  I check the batteries and they are still good.  I changed to new batteries and the same thing happens.  Will have to investigate further as I can't do without my camera.

Nine of our club members were off to Peter Smith's Sew 'n Knit 'n Serge Outlet on May 9th in Toronto.  I got a couple of carriages repaired - always a fun trip.  We got our yarn shopping done then went for lunch at Swiss Chalet and of course visit the cookie store right next door then wandered home making for a great day.

I did get some coned cotton which I hope to make up some summer sleeveless tops for myself.  Also got some beautiful coral yarn for another cardigan for myself.  There were so many great buys at the Tent Sale at Peter's it just boggles one's mind to make decisions as to what you should buy!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Very First Machine Knitting Seminar

Over the past two days May 5th & 6th, we had our first Machine Knitting Seminar - This was our first attempt but all and all I think we managed to make it a worthwhile experience for all  20 attendees.

We rented the hospitality suite at the Comfort Inn in Peterborough, Ontario which included a small kitchen and a bathroom.  Food was catered in each day and provided lots of goodies at breaks and excellent lunches of soup, sandwiches, fruit and veggie trays with a great dessert plus all the tea, coffee, water and soda we needed.  The Comfort Inn employees went out of their way to make sure we had everything they could supply and then some.  The beauty of using a hotel is the accommodations are in the same building for the instructor(s) and participants plus there was a Kelsey's Restaurant in the same building so we didn't even have to go outdoors.  Another big plus was the swimming pool and hot tub along with the free hot breakfast that came with the room....  Not bad at all.

Our instructor for the two day seminar was the one and only Eileen Montgomery from Burlington, Ontario - check out her site at eileenmontgomery.com  Eileen has done many seminars throughout North America.  We were so thrilled to have her as our first instructor for our first seminar.  She brings so much information through the samples she shows and actual hands on knitting through various stitches, techniques and so on.  A joy to learn from and a wonderful person to boot.

Here is Eileen Montgomery with our grand prize winner Nancy Johnson who won her registration fee!  In other words her seminar was "FREE"....

Below are a few pictures of Eileen showing some of her samples.  You will note the big flat screen TV behind Eileen that made viewing her work on the machine so easy without straining to see around someone else.  That is sure the way to go if the technology is there.

Along with Eileen came Pat Holbrook from Cardiknits in Hamilton, Ontario - http://www.cardiknits.com/ .  Pat brought along lots of coned yarns and all the little gadgets, tools, beads, etc that we all love to have.

I brought two items for Show and Tell - the first is my filigree angel that I really enjoyed making.  It was a challenge for sure but the end result was so pretty.  I also brought my table runner that I have covered here earlier which was well received.

There were so many show and tell items suits, coats, dresses, fish hats, a clown, a jacket/hat/vest made out of beaver fur, and shrugs - really too many to mention.  Give us a few days then go to http://knitclub.shutterfly.com/ that will show our full photo coverage of the seminar when we get it up and running.  Then you can go in and look for yourself at all the Show & Tell goodies we have at knit club each month plus the seminar. 

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed our first seminar.  Learned a few things that we would change but as far as the content given by Eileen Montgomery, I wouldn't change a thing.

Our Kawartha Carriage Knitters' Club has sistered with the Creation Manon Salois (CMS)Machine Knitting Club. Next year it will be their turn to put on the seminar and our turn to travel. As information becomes available on our 2013 seminar I will post it here! 

For several years my dear friend and fellow machine knitter Barbara Rooke and I have travelled to their seminars held in Carlton Place, Ontario and Ottawa, Ontario and last year it was suggested that maybe we try alternating and possibly getting a third club to join us.  Our goal originally was to create a triangle of destinations for the seminars.  If there is a third group out there interested we would love to have you join us on this adventure.  We want to keep machine knitting in the forefront and start enlisting some of the younger generation to learn this wonderful craft.