Friday, May 11, 2012

Charity Knitting Started

Well after being so inspired after our seminar over the weekend (May 5th and 6th), I got all my things put away and sat down in my knitting room deciding what to do first!  I uncovered my LK 150 and decided to put it to work.  I settled on a simple raglan sleeve cardigan using my Knitware program.  Then it really needed a little hat to go with it.  So often I see lots of sweater sets for little baby girls cause you can fancy them up with lace bits or something girlie!  So with that in mind I have decided the boys should not be left out - after all they are cute little bundles of joy too!

Here's is my first little boy set - bear in mind this photo was taken before I sewed on the buttons but I assure you they are sewn on now - but my camera is acting really funny lately.  It takes a couple of pictures then tells me the batteries are running out.  I check the batteries and they are still good.  I changed to new batteries and the same thing happens.  Will have to investigate further as I can't do without my camera.

Nine of our club members were off to Peter Smith's Sew 'n Knit 'n Serge Outlet on May 9th in Toronto.  I got a couple of carriages repaired - always a fun trip.  We got our yarn shopping done then went for lunch at Swiss Chalet and of course visit the cookie store right next door then wandered home making for a great day.

I did get some coned cotton which I hope to make up some summer sleeveless tops for myself.  Also got some beautiful coral yarn for another cardigan for myself.  There were so many great buys at the Tent Sale at Peter's it just boggles one's mind to make decisions as to what you should buy!!!!

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