Friday, July 21, 2017

New Great Grand-daughter arriving in August!

I am working on several little items for this new little person that will be entering our lives very soon.

Out came my trusty knitting needles and of course my most favorite machine, my LK 150 plastic bed and some Bernat Baby yarn.  Worked from a pattern on the internet for the sweater which can be found at:

First, I hand knit a little sweater for her

Then I decided to do a blanket which turned out to be a very good project to work with a graph and reversing stitches.  Even more surprising this little blanket looks great either side so that was just a bonus and a very delightful discovery when I was blocking it.

I folded one third of the blanket to show the public and private sides of the blanket - either one works for me

I just completed a circular blanket that maybe our little bundle could come home in ~ wouldn't that be delightful.

Both blankets were made on my LK 150 using Bernat Baby Sport #3 at tension 5 which turned out quite nice.  I think the round one needs a little more steam as it is not laying as flat as I would like it.  Will get that done before I gift it to my Grand-daughter when the new little one arrives.  

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Hubby asked me to knit him a vest with pockets and buttons down the front.
That was okay until he said "Could you knit that up in black yarn?" - WELL, as we get older I think the dark colors are hard for us to see and I for one do have a big problem with them.

I decided to give it a go and for this project I used my Singer SK 155 with ribber and it went quite well - the knitting part that is.  When it came to seaming I did have a little trouble there but got it done!

I crocheted the button/buttonhole band but otherwise the rest was done on my machine.

Here is the final result.

Looks like he likes it but maybe next time I'll convince him to try a grey or light charcoal.  LOL