Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sweater Number Three - Short Sleeve Pullover

Just finished this little gem should fit a size 2 or 3 child.  I did a some hand manipulated stitches over the centre front just to take away from the plain appearance.  The center column actually worked right into the 1x1 ribbing around the neckline.  The knitting gods where with me to have that work out so well and not be planned ahead!  Enjoyed doing this one.  Still have yellow yarn left so maybe next will be a baby sweater and hat/toque to match.  Onward to number Four!!!

This sweater was done on my LK 150 mid-gauge using Bernat Sport yarn - again this is a basic pattern from Knitware that I just improvised a little.


  1. Absolutely beautiful Marg! You are such a prolific knitter and such an inspiration. I haven't visited your site in a while - got out of the habit when you weren't posting much, I think just after Christmas, but glad to be back. Hope to see you soon in Ontario when I visit family. Love your site. Thanks for keeping up the good work. Kesh (in Montana)

  2. Por sencillo está hermoso, Felicitaciones !