Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project #4 done! - Actually it is a Vest.....

Just finished the little cabled front vest this afternoon.  Again this was done on my LK 150 mid-gauge as I'm spending as much time as I can out on my deck knitting.  I did a rolled neck but decided to rib the armholes but maybe another time I would just do a single crochet around that area for a lighter look.   Still have some yellow yarn left - may make a baby sweater and hat with what I have left - that may be Project #5.....

 Here are the photos of Project # 4:

Knitting on the Deck

The deck has a roof so I'm protected from the hot sun and the past couple of days there has been a lovely breeze with the temperatures in the low 70's which is just great for outdoor knitting. 

Here is my deck knitting space - love it out here when it isn't too hot or humid.

I have a metal stand that I use out here - my husband cut some wood boards to put behind the machine so I have a place to put "stuff".  I also make use of the side tables for my tools etc. 

 I'm close to the kitchen to grab a cold drink or my favorite a cup of tea and I have my radio on which I can listen to while I knit.  My chair swivels which makes it easy to move around but would probably prefer my steno chair from my knitting room.  Just too lazy to bring it downstairs.....

You can see why I enjoy knitting outside and have even been out there when it is raining although the knitting machine doesn't work so well when the air is damp.  So I don't do that very often.

I keep the metal stand and my old yarn winder on the deck all the time.  I cover the yarn winder to keep the bugs/dust off of it and also put a plastic cloth over the table to keep it dust free as well.