Friday, November 18, 2011

All-In-One-Baby Sweater

Finally got this little gem finished. The sweater is knit from the bottom which includes the back and two fronts, then sleeves are added by increasing the sts. The neck opening is done half way through the sleeve section and in this case I did a v-neck opening which is my preference for little ones. Finally the sleeve is finished on the down side and the stitches for the bodice on each side are grafted or sewn together. I did the button band by crocheting and also made the crocheted buttons in the same yarn. The bottom of the sweater I got from Mary Anne Oger's book Knitting on the Edge - Pattern 21 Loops & Eyelets. It is so pretty for a little girl's sweater.

This little project works up quickly and probably would fit a 3 month old baby. It's been a long time since I had little ones around here as even the great-grandkids are almost ready to go to school. One forgets how little these little ones are....

If you do a swatch to determine rows/sts in one inch this little pattern goes a long way. I have created a table which you can use. Just fill in the blanks, then follow the pattern and you end up with a cute little sweater like mine (more or less).

Being new at the blog thing, I am trying to figure out how to attach this pattern table for you to use if you wish. Anyone out there with the answer please let me know what I am to do. It would be greatly appreciated. Just reply to me in the comments section and I'll get right on it. I am going to use the pdf format if that helps.

We have snow on the ground this morning, makes everything look so clean and fresh BUT it is melting fast - back to the dull and dreary once again.

Off to do another swatch - for yet another sweater

Click to enlarge photos:

Isn't this perfect for a little girl

The crocheted buttons and edging just seems to work nicely with the loops and eyelets on the bottom

I have finally figured out how to upload patterns so here is the basic pattern itself plus the blank format to use whatever sts/rows you are working with for your pattern.

All In One Basic Pattern - My Version      All In One Cardigan - Blank Version

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Stockings

Every year our knit club members make up a few Christmas Stockings to give to the Women's Resource Centre. There are 18 beds in this facility so we try to make more than 18 stockings just in case some of the ladies with their children have left the facility and new ones have arrived. It seems the beds are always filled so a few extra of everything is really needed.

Here is the pattern:----->  Christmas Stocking

A little fairisle work on this one for decoration

Stripes and sparkles - different

A Christmas bells on this one.

Our next project for November is the "All In One Sweater" - I'll get at least one done before the meeting on the 21st. They are fun to make and I'd like to do one on each machine 4.5, 6.5 and 9.0 to see how they turn out. Also want to do the v-neck version. Will put photos on the blog when I get them done.