Monday, May 21, 2012

Boy's Size 4 Pullover with a little fairisle...

Here is another little pullover for some young fellow to wear this fall or winter.  I am working on sweaters for all sizes of children (boys and girls) for my charity basket.  I thought it would be nice to embellish this pullover with some fairisle blocks.  This is a basic set in sleeve with crew neck pattern.  Perhaps the next one I'll incorporate a fuller sleeve as this one does seem a little narrow.  I used my Knitware program for a 28 inch child's pullover and it turned out dead on for the measurements on the schematics.  Now that is impressive.  I used Bernat "Satin" which I do like because of the shine but don't like because it really splits easily and I think might be a problem with ends unravelling.  I was very careful to make sure all the ends were secured.

I finally got my camera working again.  Apparently my rechargeable batteries were not recharging so I got some new ones.  It seems to be good to go now.

Here is a photo of my latest endeavour - took all of one afternoon knitting out on my deck using my LK 150 mid-gauge machine and one evening sewing it up in my lazyboy chair in front of the TV. 

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