Thursday, November 5, 2015

Christmas Stockings - 2015

Every year our Knit Club makes Christmas stockings and gives them to the Women's Resource Centre for mothers and children that may be there over the Christmas season.  Local stores donate lots of goodies to stuff the stockings.  We make enough that there will be one for each bed and a few extras "just in case".  Some of the pretty ones are for the mothers and some are more for the children of all ages. 

So far this month I have done three.  Two are pictured below and the third is a work in progress which I will post when completed.

All the socks are made from the same basic pattern.  They can be done on a standard, mid-gauge or chunky/bulky machine.  Fairisle can be used, intarsia, beads or whatever strikes your fancy. 

This year I seemed to be fair isle inspired at least for the first two but the third one is completely different.  You will see soon.

The pattern if you wish to give it a try is here: Christmas Stocking Pattern

You can enlarge the photos when you click on them

This one was done on my LK 150 mid-gauge using my fair isle carriage.

This one was done on my Singer 360 Standard gauge machine using a punchcard.  I also did a tuck pattern on the cuff which had to be turned so the texture would show properly on the public side. 

The third sock is completed now so here it is!

A "Minion" sock for some little person who loves these silly critters!  I followed the basic sock with a black bar and blue foot.  The bib and straps were knit on later.  The eyes were crocheted and sewn on with a black round button in the centre.  The mouth was just embroidered on.  This was really a fun project.

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  1. Hi Marg,

    I am newer to machine knitting. I have a couple of electronic machines and can do fair isle but I don't know how to do lettering on something. I would like to make your Christmas stockings for my grandchildren but don't know how to do it. Can you help me? I have Brother machines.

    Thank you so much!

    Kelli Mederich