Monday, March 7, 2016

Getting Ready for Easter~

Our Knit Club put out a challenge for each of us to come up with something we could make using an Easter theme.

I found an adorable sweater with a bunny on the front which was a hand knit pattern (you can see it here Easter Rabbit Sweater ). There was a bunny graph for the back which I didn't do for this project.

I decided to use my LK150 for this little project and after doing my swatch, I rounded up the yarn and used my Knitware program for a basic child's 26" chest sweater.  The graph was great and gave me the opportunity to use my Intarsia Carriage which has been sadly neglected for a long time.  I really enjoyed this little project.

I will be donating this sweater to our local Women's Resource Centre and hopefully some little person will have fun wearing this on Easter. 

Here is a photo of my little project.  

I just completed a little bunny rabbit to go with this sweater.  He/she is wearing a little toque/hat to match the sweater.  Here's a photo of this little addition.

The bunny turned out to be about 10" tall and was hand knit but the pattern could easily be done on a knitting machine as it was knit flat and seamed.  There was a couple of sections that would have to be done in reverse such as the arms to get the proper gathering.  Also the bottom of the legs I would cast on every other needle then immediately bring all needles into work to get the proper gathering there.  Around the neck there is decreasing and increasing of stitches which could be done using waste yarn or a garter bar.  The little hat is made in such a way it has a slit to accommodate the bunny ears!

This is a free pattern called "Juicy Fruit" by Aine Marriott on Ravelry.
Here is the link:- Juicy Fruit Bunny Rabbit Pattern  

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