Thursday, July 30, 2015

Spiral Hats

Some time ago I saw a TV program with a charming knitter showing how she made hand knit spiral hats.  I thought I bet this could be done on a knitting machine.  So I got out my trusty LK 150 mid-gauge and played around with it.

Because there was a lot of turning of the fabric I chose my garter bar to make things easier.  That said, one could easily do the same with a circular needle or waste yarn. 

Here are a couple of hats I made when practicing the pattern
 Here is one by a fellow machine knitter (Roz Porter) made along with a matching scarf - So pretty.
I can't remember who made this one but isn't it pretty - Love the top
A new knitting buddy, Taina from California, tried out my pattern and look how cute this one turned out.  Way to go Taina.  You can see more of her work on Ravelry under the name of honbun
If you would like to give this little hat a try here is the pattern I came up with  Spiral Hat Pattern

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  1. I saw this hat in Heindselman's Knit Shop several years ago. It was hand knit and at least 18" long so it could be rolled up twice. I loved it so I bought the yarn, getting the pattern free, and went home to copy on the machine. It was easiest with the garter bar and doing 8 rows before turning compared to the 4 rows in the hand knit hat. It is THE most comfortable hat I have ever worn and the double roll really keeps the ears warm. It's my favorite hat. I made one for my daughter in black and grey and it was stunning, hard to knit in black but stunning. I only increased/decreased EOR keeping the INC/DEC on the carriage side only so when I turned the work, I could then do the INC. It was harder to turn because I did mine with more sts so It would be longer and I had to use the longest lengths of the garter bar together. It was worth it though to have the extra fabric to cover the ears. I love how when it is all stretched out of shape all you have to do is grab the crown and give it a hard shake and it's OK again. Using a soft yarn, these would be great for a chemo hat since they do not fit tightly.