Monday, June 8, 2015

Socks & Slippers!

I had a fair bit of the Roselan yarn leftover from my little pouch pocket sweater project so I decided to use it up on a couple of small projects.

First I made my favorite slippers (Diane Sullivan's pattern from "Footnotes") using my LK 150 once again.  I found some cream Roselan to use for the inside lining.  Just love these slippers - so easy to make and no sewing!!!  Another great Sew As You Go project

Then I still had yarn left so went ahead and made a pair of bed socks for me - again Sew As You Go project.  Got a little fanciful with a little cream stripe or two in the cuffs.  

The Roselan isn't a really soft cushy yarn so I washed the socks and that did the trick - much better.

I still have some Roselan left - mmmmm I wonder what I'll use that for?  I'm sure something will come to mind soon.

While in "Sock Mode" I made a couple of pair using odds and ends of yarn just to use it up.

This pair was knit flat and has a side seam and the yarn was left over from my shawl project.

This pair are Sew As You Go - Unsure of the yarn used.

Next on my agenda is 10 pairs of mittens for the Red Cross Winter Program that will be handed in to them in September.  These are done on my Studio 155 with ribber (bulky 9.0 mm).  May incorporate some nice fair isle designs this time.

Also have some beautiful blue yarn I want to use for a cardigan for myself. 

Stay tuned!

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