Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sweaters ..... (Click on Photos to enlarge)

Over the last little while I have been busy and not doing as much knitting as I would like but sometimes life just gets in the way.  However I have managed to get a little done and have plans for more this summer.

My granddaughter Maddy wanted a red sweater so she picked out the yarn and I was able to get this one done for her.

This was a basic pattern with set in sleeves and a wider neckline (which she really likes) made with Forsell 4 ply Superwash Wool which was a joy to work with.  The "red" is more like a maroon shade but she chose it and was really happy with the final result.  I used my trusty Singer 360 standard machine with ribber for this one and it was a pattern I created using my Knitware program. 
While sitting in waiting rooms over the past couple of months for various appointments and tests for my husband I got some hand knitting on the go to pass the time.  I saw these cute patterns in KP (Knitting Paradise) and just had to give them a go.  Also wanted to see if I could convert these patterns to my knitting machine and I really think it is do-able!  A lot of increasing in the yoke but that could be done with a garter bar.  Another project to tackle.  I do love this little sweater and then tried another similar but with sleeves that turned out nicely.
The pattern for this one is available at:
Took this photo before buttons sewn on.
Did both sweaters with the same yarn which is so pretty when made up.  I used Bernat Softee Baby - 100% Acrylic (worsted weight #3) using 4.5mm needles. 
Here is the yoked sweater with sleeves:
Again no buttons.... 
This little sweater can be found at: 
Finally one of my Knit Club buddies has been very busy and has made three of the little all in one baby top pattern and brought them in to our final get together in June for our Knit Club.  Note she has buttons on hers!
Thank you Marian for such sweet little gems
All of these sweaters were donated and so well received at the Pregnancy Crisis Centre along with a couple of blankets I had made earlier.  I did get the buttons on before donating them!
Now my current project is mittens for our Red Cross charity Winter Warmth Program.  I like to get them done up in the summer as they knit up quickly.  I try to get at least 10 plus pairs done before our first Club meeting in September.
Here is the first two off the machine:-  Two down and eight to go!!!!  These were done on my Studio 155 with ribber.  They are tied together to keep them from getting separated when all donated to the Red Cross project.
Thumb Side of Mittens
Top Side of Mittens
The pattern is very simple so if you are interested you can find it here: Mittens - Knit Flat

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