Thursday, September 18, 2014

Got my mittens done!

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Each year our knit club members try to get at least 5 pairs of mittens done during the summer break.  This year I decided to try to get 10 done and I did.  The pattern I chose is done on my bulky with ribber (for cuffs) and a pattern that I'm putting in here in case you want to do some mittens for family, friends or charity projects.
Here is the link to the .PDF file ~ Flat MK Mittens for Bulky
If you don't have a ribber then of course you can relatch or do mock rib cuffs instead.
This is a great little project to use up odds and ends of yarn.  It really takes very little yarn to make a pair of mittens.

Betty a very good friend and also a member of the club decided to crochet her mittens this year and they turned out to be amazing.  I love her bright cheery colors and also I'm impressed with how nice and thick these mittens are.  They will keep some hands warm this winter for sure.
Okay now I have to knit up a few more pairs for the grand and great grandkids plus some slippers for my basket at the front door for guests to wear when they visit.  Usually they take them home with them but frequent visitors keep theirs here for future visits.

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