Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Stockings ~ 2013

This year I decided to go with red and white.  Did find some fuzzy yarn for the cuff of the one on the left but had to weave it in as it kept breaking if used through the machine itself.  Turned out okay though.  I like the candy cane stripe one myself and will definitely do that one again.

Altogether our club did 22 Christmas Stockings to donate to our local Woman's Shelter along with sweaters, slippers, mittens, scarves, socks and hats.  Hopefully that will keep these ladies and their children warm and cozy during these winter months.

We had our Christmas luncheon on December 9th and had a great time.  Ordered Swiss Chalet Festive dinners which we consumed without any problem whatsoever.  That is sure the way to go.  We pre-order the dinners and have them delivered to our usual meeting location and have a great visit, play some games and dine without a care in the world.  No preparing anything ahead of time and very little clean up.   Here are a couple of photos with hopefully some more from our photographer for the day who was using her brand new iPad type of tablet and hasn't forwarded the photos she took that day. 

Here is our little group as we got together for our Christmas Luncheon

Not the best photo but here are some of the sweaters (two completed and two almost done) and all the Christmas Stockings in the background that we made for the Woman's Shelter.

Merry Christmas everyone and a very Happy New Year

filled with wonderful knitting adventures.


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