Sunday, November 10, 2013

Measurements + Schematics = Pattern Project

Recently our Machine Knitting Club have been doing some special workshops.


February 2013 we made our first attempt with the current group of members to learn how to measure for a sweater.  The whole concept was our members wanted to make something for themselves and it would fit!  

This went very well and I think everyone came away with a much better knowledge of what to measure and why. 


October 2013 we progressed to working with schematics that we see in all our knitting magazines and books.  Everyone was saying they can never match the gauge or have that particular yarn but would love to make a sweater like that.

Solution:  Make a swatch!!! 

Choose your machine and yarn and make a swatch to determine how many stitches and rows in one inch.

Using the schematics measurements apply your information of stitches/rows per inch and you can duplicate the pattern.


As a group, we all worked on the same schematics for a child's sweater size 8 and we all used the same stitches/rows per inch information. 

We then walked our way through the back, front, necklines and sleeve applying identical stitches/rows per inch information to the schematics.  Made good use of our calculators, pencils and erasers but we got it done.  Most were amazed at how simple it was and wished they had tried it long before now.  Working together on this exercise was the best way to keep everyone on a level playing field.  Lots of questions and discussion on sleeve decreases - shaping front and back neck and of course the shaping of the sleeve cap.  However it all went smoothly and by the end of the actual workshop the gals worked up their pattern with information from a swatch I asked them to do at home.  Amazingly after lunch the machines were set up and they were actually working on their little sweater projects - I was thrilled to see such eagerness to get this Sweater Project underway.

Our homework for our November 25th meeting was to bring in the finished sweaters.  If there were any problems we can go over them as a group.  Hopefully this will get everyone trying something different now that they have become more relaxed with this information.

I have had a few calls just to verify some points or measurements but all in all it seems to be going smoothly.

I will post the photos of our little sweater project after the November meeting. 

If these sweaters aren't already being used as a Christmas/birthday gift to family or friends, we will donate them to our Women's Resource Centre for some little ones there that might need a cozy little sweater to keep warm as winter sets in.

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