Saturday, January 18, 2014

Catch Up Time:---

Now that Christmas and year end things are behind me I've been puttering with a few little projects.

Little Boy's Sweater

Firstly my attempt at a square neck sweater for my great grandson.  I find often the neck openings are not big enough to accommodate a child's head so I've been trying to improve on that with this little sweater.  He did try it on and it worked!  He always has a shirt with a crew neck or a sort of turtle neck piece under his sweaters so the square neck still keeps him warm but is much easier to get on.

Here is the sweater which is a set-in sleeve style

The square neck ribbing was done by hand as the moving on the machine proved to be a little too much for me on this project.
The yarn for this project was Paton's D├ęcor and the pattern is a basic from Knitware for a size 8 child.  I used my trusty LK 150 at tension 4 + dot for this one.


Now on to some socks I knit for myself!  I love these in the winter time to keep my feet warm and I also use them as bed socks.  This is the same pattern as the crazy socks I did before and if you want to give them a try just go to that section of my blog and you can download the pattern from there.  Look in July 2013....


Now I have this little baby blanket finished which is measuring about 39 inches square.
I made this also on my LK 150 hand manipulating the cables and columns on the panels.  The outer panels were done by re-latching every other bar and the centre panel was doing the cable columns - creating a cable twist every six rows. 
Here is the pattern if you want to give it a go:  Baby Blanket
I did the centre panel first and as I knit the outer panels I did the sew as you go method to eliminate sewing later.   
I just made it with the pink yarn so had to settle for doing the trim in white but it looks okay and I'm sure the new mom/baby will not notice and it will be one of a kind!
The blanket is a pale pink and a nice crib size
Color is a little off (dark) but it does show the cables and relatched sections
Just went with a simple crochet edging in white

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  1. It is a lovely blanket! Thank you for the pattern, I will gladly make a few for the new babies in the family this year. Kind regards, Marcella in Holland