Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hand Knitting for a Change!

I found this adorable little hoodie pattern and as I wasn't able to do much with my machine knitting due to feeling a lot under the weather so I decided to amuse myself and knit this little gem.

I used Paton's Canadiana yarn which made up a lovely warm hoodie that I think might fit my great granddaughter Evalynne.   If not I can always make it again in a larger size.  She is very petite and I'm hoping this one will do.  Needles used were 4.5 mm and 4.0 mm. 

The pattern can be located here if you want to give it a try.  - it is a free pattern.

Here is the front view
Here is the back view

I really liked the garter stitch around the neck area and hood shaping

The button and buttonhole band and hood trim was all done at the same time

This sweater is knit from the top down so only seaming was under the arm and sleeve seams.  I especially liked the shaping of the hood section and the button/buttonhole band.  I actually enjoyed the increase sections creating the raglan effect - really quite attractive and somewhat different from the others I have done that leave a hole (which is fine) but this was interesting.
All in all I enjoyed making this one and would probably make others.
It was too small for my great granddaughter so I found the perfect little one to have it.
Here is a photo of my nephew's little girl wearing it!  She is so adorable.

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