Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm Back.... Socks, Socks and more Socks!

Pattern available at end of article:

Life has been very busy around here lately so my knitting and blogging has taken a back seat for the past six weeks or so.  However, things seem to be mellowing somewhat so I have been playing with my LK 150 (mid-gauge 6.5 mm km).   I had a couple of lovely afternoons out on my deck and when the humidity hit back inside I went and played on the dining room table so I could still see the outdoors and the deck but not deal with the sticky heat....  

 Here I am all set up for a lovely day of knitting along with my faithful companion Jesse
Jesse makes sure any stray yarn is officially supervised.

Looking through my stash it became apparent I have tons of sock yarn.  So I thought I would make my favorite "Sew As You Go Socks" with a turned heel with a gusset that I really like.  Using the self patterning yarn does create challenges though as it is almost impossible to match the stripping on the seams.  What to do???   The answer is nothing! 

In all my wisdom I decided to make the socks without worrying about matching seams and simply call them "Crazy Socks".  You just know the younger crowd will love the fact they don't match.  I have grand kids and great grand kids that would just go nuts for these so why not give it a go!

Now I have two versions of this sock pattern.

First Version:

I knit the cuff and then put the stitches left of 0 on waste yarn.  I then follow the pattern on the remaining stitches in work and end up putting the last row on waste yarn.  I graft those two edges and sew the ribbing seam.  Crazy Sock done.  Nothing matches and I really don't care!


Second Version:

 I knit the cuff and all the way down to the beginning of the heel.  I put the stitches left of 0 on waste yarn. I continue on with my pattern until I reach the last row which butts up to the waste yarn.  Take those stitches off on waste yarn and graft.  This version requires that you sew the side seam and the ribbing so that is a little more sewing but really not that much.  However the beauty of this version is the area that shows above the heel matches!!!  So if you want to be more particular about that section of the sock that is seen above the shoe area then this might be the way to go.  The heel and foot section will be busy with pattern but not so visible when you wear shoes....

I have posted the pattern link below so give it a go  ....  Happy summer knitting everyone!

An excellent information sheet is available on Measuring for Custom Made Socks can be found at

Click here to download ---->  Crazy Sock pattern


  1. This is a great pattern. I've added it to the Ravelry database, using your photo - I hope you don't mind.

  2. Hello Marg,

    I found your website via the Machine Knitting Patterns group on Facebook. I'm fairly new at machine knitting, and also a bit intimidated by the machine. I'm not sure how to put stitches on waste yarn; do you have a link to any instructions? I'll be looking on YouTube this afternoon!

    Thanks for the great sock instructions, they're really cute!

    Connie - Boise, ID

  3. Hello, I tried to open the download button for the Crazy sock pattern, but can only get an Error (404)-message. Can you assist?