Monday, May 20, 2013

Bias Ripple Afghan - Finally Done with photos!

This seems to have been a long and tedious project for me.  Don't know why it just was.  It wasn't difficult but getting the edging done and finally photos seemed to be very, very low on my "To Do List".
However, I think all in all it turned out rather nicely in spite of me!  My Great Granddaughter has given me permission to take it to Show & Tell at Knit Club on May 27th as she doesn't need it until September for her Junior Kindergarten snooze times!  Talk about getting prepared early!  She is so excited to be going to school like her big brother Jake who will be in Grade One this year.  He also had a snooze blanket which he still has and uses for naps (very rare though).  He is one busy little guy and wants to be a fireman when he grows up. 
I tried to take photos from several angles to give you an idea of the size and shape of this little afghan.  The bed it is on is a double bed so that would be 54 inches by 72".
 I made four panels, each with two columns.  Put them together with the Sew As You Go method which turned out to be very easy and added detail to the seams.  It also produced a lovely flat seam on the back of the afghan that I particularly like.

Here is the pattern:  Bias Knit Eyelet Afghan

This photo really shows the ripple effect of the bias knitting.  Working from the right the first ripple indentation is created using eyelets and transferring every four row.
The second ripple indentation is created doing the Sew As You Go method of seaming.

The top and bottom edges are straight and the sides are rippled

This is the cable edging I did all the way around


This is the corner turned with the cable edging
Here is the cable edging if you want to give it a try.
  1. Work with wrong side facing you using a looser tension
  2. At the beginning only, leave first 3 stitches from edge to have available when you finish the final corner turn and need a spot to anchor and cast off.
  3. Hang 6 stitches of the edge of your blanket on the next 6 needles.
  4. e-wrap those 6 needles and thread up your carriage.
  5. Knit 6 rows.
  6. Take the three stitches on the left and move them to the three needles on   the right (2 stitches on each needle) and pick up 3 more stitches and hang on the left again.
  7. Knit 6 rows.
  8. Continue on till the corner.
  9. Knit 10 rows to round the corner and then pick up three more stitches


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  1. Hi Marg,

    I have an after school knitting club for middle and high school students and this year added knitting machines to the mix. I have a student who made a baby blanket and would like to use your edging for it. However, when I read this it seems like the stitches that are moved to the right will just get bigger and bigger as I don't see any binding off. Can you help me with this? I haven't tried it but it doesn't seem like it will work. Thank you in advance for your response. I love seeing what you are making. You are an inspiration to myself and my students.

    Kelli in Wisconsin