Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pretty Blue Shawl

During Knit Club this year we undertook making a triangular shaped shawl.  It was made up of two triangles sewn together.  The fun part was following a graph to create a lacy pattern throughout.  I decided to do a crochet edging on mine but of course all was left up to the individual as to how to finish this project.

I gave mine to a special lady I know in the nursing home that loves lacy things and especially anything "blue".  So I was spot on with this one.  I finally got the photos out of my camera so here they are.

Shawl laid out to show pattern

Front of Shawl (notice seam down the centre back)

Back of shawl as worn (seam hardly noticable)
The project was found on Bond Buzz - not sure of the number but it is a easy project and makes a lovely gift.

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