Friday, August 5, 2011

Cleaning Up my Knitting Room!

Having recently acquired a yarn tree and lots of coned yarn, I have had to do some more rearranging in my Knitting Room. 

One decision I made this morning is to get an adjustable steno chair instead of the desk chair with arms on it.  The desk chair is just too big for the space I have and the steno chair would work just fine.  I'll find a home for the larger chair somewhere in the house.

Another decision was to remove the carpeting from the room.  It may help keep the noise level down for folks downstairs but it is just a darn nuisance.  After many years it has to go.  That means moving all the bookcases, and whatever else is sitting on the edge of the carpet.  I have a neighbour who will give me a hand to do this.  The sooner the better I say.  There is a lovely hardwood floor in that room and my new steno chair will move quite easily rather than like now when the larger chair just drags.  I have tried the plastic carpet covers but they are a nuisance too.  The chair wheels get caught in between the plastic cover which creates a problem for me as well.

Finally I want to sort out all my yarn (this may take years) so all the same types of yarn are together rather than what I previously did which was sorting by colour.  For instance all my 4-ply under one brand name then 3-ply under brand name.  That way I would have everything sorted and easy to determine what I can make with what I have one hand.  

Once I get all that done I think I will be in a "go" position to start actually knitting.  I have a few items in mind and will post photos as I get them done.

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