Monday, February 5, 2018

Entrelac on a Knitting Machine:

One of our very talented machine club member gave us a demo on Entrelac.  Thank you Mary Beadle!

It is a bit challenging at first but once you get the turn ends sorted out the rest moves along nicely.  

I am making a pet blanket for our cat "Miss Jenny".  She is always in my knitting room while I'm working on it sleeping on my bulky machine.  I think she is just making sure I'm doing everything properly!

This project is very time consuming as you are only working with 10 needles at a time for this project using a lot of waste yarn and picking up of stitches as you move across.  It is progressing just not as quickly as I would like but I'm trying to be patient.  

Here is Miss Jenny keeping eye on me and catching a few z's

Here is the pet blanket in progress

Lots of waste yarn 

Here is where I am so far!

The pet blanket is almost done - will continue until I run out or yarn.



  1. This must be the most spoiled cat in the world! LOL, what a gorgeous blanket! I admire your patience!!