Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Here is a little hoodie sweater I hand knit and gave to our nephew's sweet little girl in Fall of 2015.

Here is tiny Mabel modeling her new sweater which was a little big for her.  But we knew she would grow into it eventually.

Here she is in October 2017 still wearing the sweater and apparently it is her favorite according to her grandmother Bev who sent me this delightful email.

Hi Marg, I was at Stephen and Robyn’s yesterday and I told Mabel that she needed to wear a jacket to go outside and she said, no she was going to wear a sweater, and here she is with her choice of outerwear!!  Thought you might like to see that it is a favourite and has been worn and worn!  She even used the hood when it got cooler!
After her bedtime bath I changed her into her p.j.’s and we went downstairs for a snack, but she was cold, so I asked her to go up and get her cozy housecoat, but once again, she came down with your sweater on over her pyjamas :-)  
You knitted a winner!
Love, Bev

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