Friday, September 13, 2013

Peach Sweater Project - Challenging myself!

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I decided to make a sweater and try some techniques I have been thinking about lately.   I really wanted to start using my ribber more and this was a little project that would get me into that groove so to speak.

After playing with the cable ribbing for practice and doing some swatches , I worked up a basic pattern using Knitware. 

I wanted a pullover, with 3/4 length sleeves a ballet neckline and something different than the normal ribbing for the cuffs and bottom of the sweater.  This particular sweater is a ladies size 36 and I used Bramwell Duo Magic on my Singer 360 (standard 4.5 gauge) machine.  This cone has miles and miles of yarn on it!!!  I did the cuffs and ribbing sections at a tension 3 and the stockinette at a tension 4. 

I decided on a cable ribbing and I really like the final look of this section of the sweater.  I did remember to add an extra stitch on each edge so when I knit up the seams there would be no break in the cable patterning on the seams and that did work out beautifully. 

Once I got the cables done I decided to break the pattern by a cast on row behind the stitches which gave a lovely line before starting the basic stockinette stitches for the rest of the sweater.

Here is a photo of the seam (located in the center of this photo between two cable columns) showing the cable pattern moving around without any distortion.   Also the extra cast on row between the cable ribbing and the main section of the sweater.   Love it!


Cable Ribbing

Here is the sweater completed - I do like this ballet neckline very much and have now put it down as my "new favorite neckline".

Ballet Neckline
Finished Sweater
My Granddaughter modelling the Sweater

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