Friday, March 30, 2012

Intarsia Knitting

Thought I would try my hand at intarsia knitting.  Decided to do a pillow cover which could have been done by knitting two blocks of different colors and then repeating with two more colors doing the sew as you go routine.  But I stuck to my guns, did my swatch with the intarsia carriage and worked out the stitches/rows per inch, measured my pillow and away I went.  Turned out pretty good. 

I think I would come up with a better way of the doing the final seaming so it could be removable for cleaning but for this exercise I didn't go into it that deeply....  The one thing I really like is the front and the back are identical - pretty neat.

Found this pattern on the internet (not sure where now) but it was a good way to do a simple intarsia project and sort of got my juices going to try something on a sweater I have been thinking about for my great granddaughter.....

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