Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let's knit socks

Our Knit Club is doing a workshop on "Socks".  I have made up several pairs to show the different heel styles you can accomplish on your machine.

1. The sock pictured below was done on my Singer 360 standard gauge (4.5) using the Sew as You Go principle with a shaped heel and a short rowed toe. The ribbing was done manually to form a 2 x 1 rib. The seam is almost invisible on this sock.  Once washed I bed it will disappear completely.

The second set are Basic Flat Socks knit on my LK 150 mid-gauge (6.5) machine.  I use this pattern for bed socks.  Note that one set with shaped heel, the other with short rowed heel.  Toes were short rowed on both and instead of ribbing I doubled the number of rows that would have been for the rib section and rehung the cast on stitches to form a folded top on the bed sock.

The next pairs are knit using the Sew As You Go technique.  Again with the different style heels, short rowed toes and  2 x 1 ribbing.  This is my preferred method as there is very little sewing once knit.  Again the seams virtually disappear once the socks are laundered.

All of these socks work up rather quickly and I make the bed socks up for myself and friends.  Have a few at the door in a basket so folks don't need to worry about bringing slippers on bad weather days.  I usually send them home with the pair they wear.  I sometimes wonder if folks come to visit on nasty days just to get a new pair of bed socks!!!  Just kidding.  

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  1. I was hoping to come out to your knitting group today, but was sick last night and my son woke up sick this morning :( One reason I don't like doing socks on the machines is I don't care for short row heels, and the only heel flap pattern I've found was for Passap's. So I'm eager to try yours!